Cybering is a full service investigation and cyber security company that specializes in digital forensic, fund recovery, expert cyber investigation and often work closely with legal advisors to uncover fraud, asset recovery and other cyber criminal activities. By hiring cybering you can enjoy better and faster results.

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    Cybering has developed a proprietary approach to assessing information security risks. It’s more than a checklist of questions and recorded answers. Get a full picture of your risks – prioritized and rated – with recommended solutions.

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    Cybering strongly believes in empowering our customers. The more knowledge transfer that occurs during our engagement, the more value our customers recognize.

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    Transparency, quick and sound delivery. Cybering fully discloses the methods, tools, and configurations used to perform analysis work for our customers, so that they can easily adopt our processes for their benefit.

How Do We Do It?

We apply industry standards, regulations and best practices to objectively assess the risks to your information security assets. As a result, you have a thorough understanding of where you’re most vulnerable and a plan to manage the risk. Simply stated:

Why Choose Us

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits of employing our services.

Established Methodology

We have developed a proprietary approach to assessing information security risks. Our approach gives you a full picture of your risks with recommended solutions for optimal information security management.

Full Transparency

We strongly believe in empowering our customers. The more knowledge transfer that occurs, the more value our customers recognize. We fully disclose the methods, tools, and configurations used.

Product Agnostic

We do not represent any third-party products or services on purpose. Our projects and recommendations stand on their own, with no ulterior motive to sell you things you don’t really need in order to effectively manage your company’s information security.

Fast Delivery

Customer satisfaction is important to us, we strive to deliver results as soon as possible.

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To discuss your specific requirements please email: enquiries@cybering.net or click on the link above.